Brexit, not just GBP, further impact on EUR even worse

Source – SocGen: trading the Brexit

Societe Generale’s cross asset research team have stated their views on the possible Brexit and issued a note outlining the effects it may have on markets. Key points are as follows:
“Brexit, however, isn’t just bad for the UK. It would have negative growth implications for the rest of Europe, and more importantly could cause wider political uncertainty. So far, the response to any market signs of loss of confidence in the Euro Area has come from the ECB and that isn’t likely to change. That in turn, is negative for the Euro, which this morning is hovering around psychological support at EURUSD 1.10 and above the bottom of the uptrend of the last few month at 1.0950 or so. I suspect that the break of 1.10 will see an acceleration downwards for EURUSD, while a chart of EURJPY looks even more negative in the short term.”

但是看看这个视频就可以猜个大概结果了,就像说一个用鸡巴一个用脑袋决定问题 哪个会赢呢?


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